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  1. How old was Benton when his mother died?

  2. What was the name of Benton's half sister?

  3. What was Benton's prison No. in 'The Witness'?

  4. What did Benton steal to get himself into prison?

  5. In the episode 'All the queens Horses' what was the shot called that Bob
  Fraser and Buck Frobisher executed in order for Bob Fraser to prove to
  Buck that he was who he said he was?

  6. All The Queens Horses; Which perfume does Inspector Maggie Thatcher wear?

  7. From the episode, 'Body Language', what is the name of the club owned by
  Shelly Litvack?

 1. Who is Captain Canada? Answer: tnesniP nodroG

 2. Who is the Tank Commander? Answer ssorG

 3. Which shoulder is RSK'S tattoo on? Answer:

 4. What is the number of Harding Walsh's 'cop
  shop' District?  Answer: 27

 5. Episode; 'They Eat Horses Don't They?' What
  was Ray wearing that saved his life in the
  freezer? Answer: ssacraC esroH A

 6. What is the make of Ray's car? Answer: areiviR
  kciuB 1971

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