RCW 139: 2008 Story - 'Toronto Holiday'

So glad everyone is back home safely, it was such a pleasure meeting you all we had a great time didn't we?!!

Anyway here is a report of sorts of what I got up to!

Friday, was registration day for RCW, starting at 10am just down the corridor from our room. My son Martin and I pick up our goody bags and name tags at around 11 and mingle! Inside our bags are a t-shirt, compass, a small torch/key ring, some milk duds:) 14 trading cards, (we have to buzz around like schoolkids trying to get a complete full set!) a pen and an 8 x 12 promo photo from Passchendaele personally dedicated and signed by Paul Gross, and no, it did not say "Thank You Kindly" !!

The Due South Trading Post
Jay Semko
Tom Melissis

Marianne had decided that she'd make an early start on her drive back home, it was a very long way, so we sadly said our goodbyes.

Next it was the silent auction followed by a break for lunch, then quickly back for Tom Melissis, another nice guy with a wicked sense of humour and fluent raconteur.

Straight after his Q & A he helped with the live auction.

The Silent Auction

First up was a Passchendaele poster signed by Paul, he'd written" Never Surrender.... Always Remember!" As everyone else appeared to be a bit timid I started bidding on it, $25 it started at, one other person started bidding against me but dropped out at $55, so I won it! I was quite shocked and pleased to have won it at a fairly reasonable price!! Once people warmed up the bidding was much more brisk and got quite tense at some point as the bids rose !

Tom (M) then signed autographs for everyone, he took a fancy to my bright red RCMP shirt and as I explained we'd had a retired RCMP guy with a table full of stuff the previous day, he said mischievously" so you stole it from him?!! :) And in fact my autograph dedication from him has "Nice shirt!" written on it!

I need to mention that the 'retired RCMP guy' was Phil Grossmith, a very friendly fellow who runs a RCMP Vet's Canteen, he travels with the Musical Ride selling RCMP merchandise and was kind enough to set up a stall at the convention. I know he made quite a few sales that afternoon! He also runs the Mountie Store website http://www.mountiestore.com/index.html


I should also add that all the guests Jay, David and Catherine, signed autographs for everyone too!

All that remained of RCW then was a quick informal complete the quote competition and it was time for us all to say our goodbyes to all our new found friends and thankyous to the organisers, Stephane, Lee and John, who were beginning to look extremely weary! as were we all -- it had been a very hectic 3 days, but I'm so glad I went :)

- Felicity Pugh

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